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App Development. We are fully experienced in providing mobile solutions for the major platforms

Consultancy. With 18 years experience in the mobile industry, we can provide professional advice to any small business that wants to take full advantage of this hugely expanding market to gain that competitive edge

In this increasingly sluggish economy, small and medium sized businesses have begun critically evaluating the operational aspects of their businesses for ways to cut costs. By nature, small and medium sized businesses must be flexible and nimble. The IT decision makers within a Small business are constantly faced with the decision to invest in the business to enable improvements in operational and financial performance. Yet at the same time, they can find themselves so entangled in those operational and financial processes that finding a better way to do it can take a back seat to dealing with the latest problems.

Business applications for the mobile market can range from "Productivity", "Document management", "Salesforce automation", "Messaging and communication", and "Health, Finance, Retail"

Smartphones will continue to drop in price and will be more widely adopted throughout the world, especially in developing markets. Smartphones will also be the single largest device category for mobile app usage.

Media tablets will continue to be rapidly adopted by users around the globe. Media tablets are also a key emerging device category for mobile apps.

explosive growth of mobile apps is turning existing digital and physical world experiences into apps — especially traditional Web sites offering companion mobile apps that can fully leverage mobile device features and capabilities ranging from location determination to accelerometers to barcode scanning. Additional app categories that are rapidly emerging and evolving include gaming, travel, social networking, and publications offering mobile apps.

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