About Pocket Software

We develop mobile applications for business and the marketplace. Working with iPhone, Windows Phone and Android platforms to suit the needs of the mobile internet industry of today.

We can provide apps for your business or consultancy to help you determine the best business strategy.

Although we are a newly formed company we have 18 years past experience in the mobile industry

In this increasingly sluggish economy, small and medium sized businesses have begun critically evaluating the operational aspects of their businesses for ways to cut costs. By nature, small and medium sized businesses must be flexible and nimble. The IT decision makers within a Small business are constantly faced with the decision to invest in the business to enable improvements in operational and financial performance. Yet at the same time, they can find themselves so entangled in those operational and financial processes that finding a better way to do it can take a back seat to dealing with the latest problems.

Business applications for the mobile market can range from "Productivity", "Document management", "Salesforce automation", "Messaging and communication", and "Health, Finance, Retail"

Why not contact us to see if we can benefit your business in any of these areas